Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nap Partner

I've been sleeping a lot lately--between my 2 part time jobs and still being in my first trimester, I am exhausted by the end of the day. Saturday, Bud and I went to the beach but only lasted about an hour. The wind was too strong, and it just wasn't enjoyable. When we got home, we didn't have anything to do, so I took a nap with my favorite napping partner, Lacey. I always thought I would NEVER let a dog in my bed. I changed my mind very quickly while Bud was in the field in December. I was able to sleep amazingly better the nights that she slept by my side, and it's been hard to kick her out since then. She also sleeps much better when she is with us, so it's a win, win situation. :)

Plus, how can you not love waking up when this is what you see?!?

Thursday, March 18, 2010


We have a nice little area about 15 minutes walking distance from our house that has a grocery store, an ice cream place, a CVS, and a lot of local specialty restaraunt. We have tried the Irish pub, the Mexican place, the sub place and the ice cream place, all that was left was Helga's-an authenic German place.

It was SO, SO good. It is this tiny little place with only about 12 tables, and is decorated with a lot of German knick knacks. Bud had a couple different German beers while I enjoyed my water and we both had amazing meals. It was pricey-but well worth it and we will be back. Much better than the other places we have been to here.

I must really be pregnant if I am blogging about how good my dinner was. :)

And now it's time for bed at 8:30--between the pregnant wife and the husband that is up at 4:30 every day, it has been awhile since we have made it past 10 or 11! I am enjoying the sleep while I can...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Finally got some pictures uploaded, so here is our life in pictures, starting at the end of January...

Saying good-bye to Jenna...

And her brand new little brother (who was kind enough to arrive before we had to leave so we could meet him!)

Lacey getting ready for the road trip to Florida! We got so lucky that she is such a good road triper. She loves to sleep, so she sleeps 95% of the time we are in the car! :)

I got my first positive pregnancy test on February 2nd. Bud didn't think the line was quite dark enough, but I kept telling him a line is a line! I took another one the next morning and it again had a second line, but it was still pretty light. So, a couple days later, he made me take 2 more tests. Both of those we positive, so I thought we were done.... But, we were watching tv one night and he saw the commercial for the digital tests, that actually read PREGNANT or NOT PREGNANT. He decided I needed to take those, so went and bought some. This is the result I got....

I was finally done taking tests after this! :)

Two weekends ago we went to a museum on the Naval Base in Pensacola. Our friend David's dad was an officer in the Navy and his family went to this museum countless times, so he was a great tour guide! I got to climb in some planes, which kept my attention better than most of the things in the museum. :)

Saturday marked 9 weeks down in this pregnancy, and even tho I am not really showing yet, I figured the pictures had to start at some point! So, here is the beginning of the belly.

9 weeks down, 31 to go........we can't wait to meet our baby!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday, Monday.....

After laying in bed all day yesterday due to a migraine, I was determined to get a lot done in the house today. Since I have been so exhausted lately, I am quite behind on chores. I got one load of dishes going in the dishwasher, got the floor swept, carpet vaccumed and then made a phone call to one of my favorite little girls....

I hadn't talked to Jessica or Jenna on the phone since I left NC, so I thought it was time to catch up with them. (For those who don't know--Jenna is the little girl I watched in NC, and her mom and I are great friends). Jessica picked up and immediatley I heard, "HI EMMY!!!" This conversation made my entire week. Jess put me on speakerphone, so Jenna took the phone from her and talked to me for about 45 minutes. She carried the phone around the house showing me her bed, her pink blankie, her books, her baby brother, the fireplace, the windows....you get the idea. :) Anytime Jess would ask for the phone we would hear, "NO, MY Emmy!" At one point, she even took the phone to her blankie, layed down and said, "Emmy, snuggle." Jenna (and the rest of her family) is 100% a part of our family, and we both miss her dearly. It was SO great to talk to her today...when Bud came home he said I had a twinkle in my eye. :)

Last week, I bought a book called 'The Belly Book.' It's got a place to put a picture of my belly every week and some fun questions to go along with it all. I haven't taken any pictures yet, but am really looking forward to starting to add things to that book. I think it is going to be one of my standard "Welcome to Mommyhood" gifts now...the book is so cute!

Bud got 100% on his test again today. But, he has a really tough one on Friday, so keep him in your thoughts!

I should get off the computer and get dinner goin....Happy Monday!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Welcome to our blog! I am hoping this will be a great tool to keep everyone informed and help you all to feel somewhat involved.

I had my first appt today at the OB clinic, and it went great! I was able to see the baby and hear it's heartbeat. I am due October 16th, so am 7 weeks, 5 days today, which is right where I thought I was.

If all goes as planned with Bud's school, we will be moving about a month before I am due. Awesome, right?!?!? We can't make anything boring. :) It will probably be really good for our bank account though, I don't want to have too much extra stuff to move, so we will wait until we move to buy all the big items like the crib, dresser, rocker etc. So, that's the good of the situation I guess.

We are hoping to see some SUN this weekend. I can count on less than two hands the number of sunny days we have had since getting here, which isn't very good for the sunshine state! It is supposed to be in the low 70's next week, which will be wonderful. Be jealous. :)

Hope you all enjoy our blog! I plan to add some pictures at some point, so stay tuned!