Sunday, July 24, 2011

9 Months Old!!!

Our sweet baby girl is 9 months old! We had to do a two part photo shoot to get this picture...she just was NOT having it the first time we tried! She has been kinda cranky lately...hoping that doesn't follow through to our road trip next week!

Anyway, here is the best one we got of our princess on her 9 month birthday.

Another reason for the difficulty in getting Claire's photo would be this black and white thing we call Lacey. :) She INSISTED on being in between me and Claire while I tried to take the picture. The dog is ridiculous...but we still love her. Claire and Lacey have really started playing with each other within the last couple of weeks...I am going to try to get a video to is so sweet!
On Saturday we took our friends Trenton and Jaci down to Wilmington to show them around a little bit. They have a 2 year old, so we added the Children's Museum to our tour. You know you are parents when you spend your Saturday afternoon at a Children's Museum having FUN! :) There was a toddler room that was padded for the little to crawl and was great! Claire had a lot of fun...and also found a penny that found it's way into her mouth...

Claire and I playing on a boat at the Children's Museum. :) I love her!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fun with Daddy!

Bud's dad brought down the go kart when he came (which Bud has been begging for since we bought our house...) and he reallllly wanted to take Claire on a ride. He promised to go SUPER slow, and she loved it! Plus, the ride was worth it just for this adorable picture that I got!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

House Projects

Bud and I were so thankful to have his dad and brothers come to town last week...we got a few projects done that we couldn't quite do on our own!

The first big project was our storm door--not very useful now but will be SO nice to have in the fall/winter months! It has a built in screen, and full glass windows. Lacey loves to sit and watch and bark at ANYTHING that feels the need to come close to our yard. :)

Our new porch!! Storm door, planters hung and rockers! Our dream porch has become a reality!

Next is a project I accomplished before they came...our bedroom. Like I posted earlier, I was looking for new bedding so I could paint our room. I finally found pillow cases, and built the room around it. I am thrilled with the outcome, and so is the dog, apparently. :)

The pictures above our bed (in case you wanted to know...) are an evolution of our family...we plan to add until our family is complete. #1 is at our wedding, #2 is Bud, Lacey and I while I was pregnant, #3 is our first picture of the 4 of us. I would love to see these pictures some day take up an entire wall in our house!