Sunday, March 27, 2011

Carrots and Paint!

Random title, I know, but that's what we have been up to the past few days! I started Claire on baby food this last week, and she is doing great for the most part! I had started feeding her in her Bumbo chair, but she quickly learned she could turn her body every which way and try and push herself out of it, so I had to go get her a high chair. She looked like such a big girl when she was having dinner for the first time in it! Here are a few pictures...she makes some pretty funny faces while she eats. :)

I accomplished my first painting project this weekend--Claire's room got top priority. I haven't gotten anything hung yet, but still took a couple pictures. I got a big hug from Claire as a thank you. :)

I am SO not ready for it to be Monday tomorrow--I feel like I have at least 2 days left of work to get done. Oh well, such is life I guess!

Friday, March 18, 2011

5 months!

I can hardly believe that she is 5 months old! We tried to do a photo session but she was not havin it....hopefully one day this weekend we can get some good ones of her.
We realized tonight that we (ALL 3 of us!!) don't have anywhere to be until 2 pm tomorrow. I was going to go have some me time and get a pedicure or something, but spending the morning with my husband and my baby girl sounds so much better.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jenna!

Today was Jenna's 3rd Birthday!! Since her daddy is in Afghanistan, I am doing a special post for him so he can see the fun we had today. And, so the rest of you can see the craziness I subject myself to. :P

We went to the store this morning so Jenna could choose her goodies!

Birthday girl getting ready to bake!

Someone was REALLY excited!!

Her little brother, Dallas. All you have to do to keep this kiddo happy is feed him, so he was in his chair having a snack while we got everything ready.

And, "baby Claire" got to jump and chew on her toys.

We did cut outs with awesome cookie cutters I got for my birthday last year!
(Thanks, Sarah!!)

They were all pretty excited about the sprinkles!!
(My good friend, Gen, is a nanny for a family with 3 children, so she brought her kiddos over today to help Jenna celebrate! Jenna was very excited to have friends over!)

We also did cupcakes and then got to frost cookies and cupcakes, but with three little ones and frosting (plus a baby on my hip and one in the high chair), there were no clean hands to take photos of that. :)

Happy, happy birthday, sweet girl!

Quick Update

I fully admit I have been awful about updating lately--but watching 3 kids under 3 every day leaves very little time to do anything. And, at the end of the day, I pretty much collapse on the couch. Forgive me.

This is the easiest way to's some photos!

These two photos are of Claire's first attempts with baby cereal! It was pretty amusing.
(She had an appt yesterday, at 5 mth old she is 15 lbs and 26.5 inches!)

She is also sleeping in her crib now at night. We have had ONE night of a 12 hr snooze...hoping she startes to do that every night sometime soon!!!

Grandpa came to visit! We had such a great week. Claire wasn't so sure of him at first, but as you can see, she thought he was pretty great by the end of the week!

We took a day trip to Wilmington and enjoyed some beautiful weather.
(You probably don't believe me, but we all just came out wearing blue! Not at all planned!)

Look at those eyes!

Snuggling with Grandpa. :)

I still need to get picutres of the rest of the house for you....I am hoping to paint Claire's room this weekend and get the guest room a little bit organized, so hopefully by the end of the weekend you will have pictures of that!

Monday, March 7, 2011

House Update!

Here is that house post that I promised so many of you...may be a week late, but hey, I'm a little busy lately.

I went around to take pictures tonight and my camera died half way through the house--so here is half of the house, and I will post the other half another night this week.

We are absolutely loving this house so far. Unpacking is never fun, but I am trying to look toward the end result. I am also trying to think unpacking through a lot more than I ever have, since we will be here for at least a few years. So, slowly but surely things are getting done.

So, here are some pictures for you!

As you walk in the front door, our bedroom is the door next to the couch.

Another view from the front door

My (messy) kitchen
(Pardon the clothes on the kitchen table--I am working on switching out Claire's clothes)

Standing in the other doorway of the kitchen
the hallway to the back right is the laundry and out to the garage

Standing in the kitchen by our bedroom looking into the living room

Our bedroom

I LOOOOOVE our closet. Even I couldn't fill it!

So there's your pictures for now. I will post some new ones of Claire soon as well. She gets cuter (and louder) by the day.