Sunday, December 30, 2012

Big Sister in Training

Oh, hey, remember this thing I have called a blog? It's about timeC I get back to this, sorry folks.

We have been crazy busy lately....between the holidays, traveling and getting ready for the baby, things are a little crazy around here.  I could really use a laundry maid right about now...any takers? :)  

Here are some pictures from November to update you a little bit...

 Claire got a stroller for her birthday and loves to take her baby for walks around the house.  On this day, she asked me if she could bring her baby and stroller outside, and I told her I thought it was too cold for the baby (or in mommy terms...I don't want to), so Claire quickly grabbed a new outfit for the baby that has a hood, some socks, and a blanket.  Sooo, baby came out with us. :)  She's too smart for me!
 Claire really loved helping me decorate the tree and wanted all the ornaments to be 'up high!'
 She really loves her bitty baby, and has been getting really good practice in for when her brother gets here.  She loves to change, feed, burp and snuggle with her baby.  She will put her blankie on her shoulder, hold the baby and bounch and sway saying 'shh shh shh' to help her baby settle down.  It is SO sweet.

I will try and update again soon with pictures from our visit to VA/DC to see Bud while he was away for work, our trip to IA to meet 'baby Wy', Christmas and my ever growing belly.  Stay tuned!