Saturday, July 31, 2010


Bud headed to Minnesota on Thursday with Lacey, so I have been trying to fill my time with projects that need to be done.

Friday after work I headed to Destin with my friend Suzanne to look for some things for the baby's room. I found a few things, but haven't hung anything yet. I also started painting her changing table--which let me tell you, is so frustrating. The furniture we got isn't a true white, it's an off white. So, I had to try and find a paint color that matched as close as possible--I thought I had found an almost perfect match, but I am on coat 2, and it looks NOTHING like the other furniture. I'm not so thrilled about that. I am hoping my next coat tomorrow will make it look at least CLOSE to the other furniture....but I'm not holding my breath.

Tonight I got one cupboard cleaned out to make room for bottles! That desperatly needed to be done--when we moved here, I kind of just threw things in cupboards thinking we would only be here for 7ish months. So, it was good to get at least one of them organized.

My goals for the rest of the week are to finish up in the baby's room, clean the tile floors, hang pictures in the bedroom, work on the baby book and a few other odds and ends.

I will post pictures after we get back from my showers...Bud took the camera, so I can't take any until we are home!

Normally I would treat myself to a glass (or 2) of wine while doing all this work....but since I can't do that, I am off to make some popcorn and add some M&M's. YUM. Sarah taught me this trick way back when she lived in the dorms and I visited...if you haven't tried it, you should. :)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

New Ride!

After many, many, MANY hours of research and discussion...we finally got a new vehicle today! We have been talking about getting a bigger vehicle since before I was even pregnant, so this has been a long time in the making. Our family has changed so much in a year....went from just the two of us to us, the 45 lb dog and now the soon to be born baby in less than a year. We decided road trips to MN would be much easier in a larger vehicle.

So, we decided on a Ford Edge and found a great deal on one today, so went and picked it up! Here are a few pictures, sorry about the bright sun making a glare on so many of's a hazard of living in Florida. :)

We also got a shot of the 28 week (7 months!!) belly in front of my new "mom car" as my boss called it tonight. :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010


We just returned from a weekend in Tennessee, where we attended our friend Jaclyn's wedding. We went to high school with Jaclyn, and now that she lives in TN and we live here, there and everywhere, it's not often that we get to see her. It had been over two years (our wedding) since the last time our group of friends was together. It was SO great to see everyone, and we are so glad we made the trip.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend...

27 weeks! I realized at the wedding that I can no longer see my feet when looking straight down. :)

The whole group! We all went to high school together except for Jaclyn's husband (blue shirt in the middle). We also all graduated together except for Drew (tall guy in blue), he is one year older than us. It was so fun to be together and share old memories while making new ones. Can't wait for Kelly and Drew's wedding next summer so we can all be together again!

Congratulations, Jaclyn and David!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Spellman's Visit!

Our very close friends, Dallas, Jessica, Jenna and baby Dallas, came to visit over the 4th of July. We were absolutely thrilled they were willing to make the drive down to see us again;we miss them terribly.

Jenna didn't miss a beat when she came to our house, she doesn't even pretend to be shy. :) She is a goof ball, and made us laugh all weekend. She tends to forget that her parents exist when Bud and I are around, which is okay with all of us for their short visits.

If you know my husband, you know that he can be quite the pest at times, so I taught Jenna at a very young age to say "Bud, stop it!" when he was bugging her. I can't even tell you how many times we heard that, followed by giggles, this weekend. But, they both had a blast playing with each other. She constantly asked Bud to go outside and play soccer with him, which he was thrilled with. Here is one picture I caught of them being goofy...

I really enjoyed snuggling with both Jenna and her baby brother all weekend. Baby Dallas LOVES to snuggle, and I just couldn't get enough. Jenna isn't typically a huge snuggler, but she did snuggle up to both Bud and I quite a few times. One night I was eating and she told me to put my plate down, so I did and asked her why, and she climbed right up in my lap with her blankie. My dinner can wait any night for that. :) Here is one we got of me and the kids cozy in the chair...
We are hoping they get to visit again after the baby is born, they can't wait to meet her!

Oh, and Happy Birthday to me! I turned 24 today. Today has been one my best birthdays in recent years. It was so great to have Bud here first of all, and he spoiled me all day long. Brought me breakfast in bed, made me lunch and grilled dinner and then did the dishes. I am one lucky girl. :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Room in Progress

This weekend, Bud's good friend Tim and his girlfriend Allie came to visit. We were talking about the color that we were going to paint the baby room, and Allie was kind enough (or crazy enough) to offer to help me paint. The room is really small, so we got it painted in a couple hours.

We took this in the middle of painting--26 week belly.

Bud went and got the furniture today that we bought, so we put together the crib tonight. We both love it!

Now I am on the hunt for some pink curtains and something to put above her dresser. I got a changing table from someone at work that Bud is going to paint for me, so it will be a bit before that is in the room. I will post more pictures as I continue working on her room!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Here's the update you all have been asking for. :) I'm so sorry it took so long for me to get back on here, it's been a crazy couple of weeks.

I went to Minnesota and Iowa mid June for my sister's wedding. It was a beautiful wedding, and so fun to watch Sarah have her day. Here are a couple pictures from the week....

Our god daughters, Abigail and Isabel were Sarah's flower girls. They were so adorable and did such a great job! Abby was SO excited about everything, mostly to dance at the reception. She was the star of the show that night! I also can't tell you how many times I was told, "Have you ever heard that those girls look so much like you?!?" I have heard it many, many times. :)
And here is the belly at 23 weeks. Poor baby was sucked in so hard by this dress, but it fit and that's all the matters! We both survived.

On Father's Day, I was out and about with my dad when Bud called and told me he had just had a motorcycle accident. My heart of course sunk and I went into panic mode--he promised me he was okay except for the broken collar bone and some scratches....and I promised him I would be home as soon as I could because I didn't necessarily believe him. :) He went to the orthopedic specialist on Monday morning, where they had to break the news to him that he needed surgery and would be out of training for possibly 4 months. At that moment, every plan we had went out the window. We tried really hard to see the positive in it all, but we couldn't for a few days. We are now at the point where we do see the light at the end of the tunnel and have come to terms with all the changes that happened so quickly. Bud had surgery 2 weeks ago; he had a plate and 6 screws put in his collar bone. After the first couple days, which were very painful for him, he is recovering like a champ and of course getting impatient to be put back in class. Now it is all just a waiting game...we have to be patient as he does physical therapy to get back to 100% strength so he can get back in class.

Now we know where baby girl will be born, and we get to set up her room now! I am much more excited about this than Bud is. :) We are going to paint her room in the next couple weeks and start getting everything together. My belly has grown like crazy the past couple of weeks, I think my jaw dropped when I looked at this picture after Bud took is the belly at 25 weeks.

She is moving like crazy these days, and we can even see her move if we watch my belly for a while. It is so fun.

The Spellman's came to visit for the 4th of July, it was so great to see them like always. Jenna is an absolute riot and kept us on our toes all weekend. Our favorite line of the weekend from her came when I was putting lotion on her after her bath, she looked up and me and said, "Emmy, are you putting yotion on my yegs?" I love 2 year old speech impediments!

They left last night, and one of Bud's good friends Tim and his girlfriend Allie are on their way here now. So, needless to say, we have been very busy since I got back from Minnesota.

I promise I will be better about posting again now that our life is back to (somewhat) normal!